Long Beach Gives

Thank you for your support of our Long Beach Gives campaign


Together, we raised an incredible $77,782 to support homeless youth! Casa Youth Shelter is incredibly grateful for the generosity of everyone who supported our Long Beach Gives campaign on September 24, 2020.


Special gratitude and thanks go to the The DelRe Foundation and Kenny Brandyberry for providing the matching funds to inspire the wonderful support from our community. Thank you!


Alison Rose
Alma Allen
Amy Lakin
Amy Thomas
Angelo Karapoulis
Archive 20th Century
Ben Kahle
Billings Auction
Candis Hughes
Carli Kline
Carol Krumbach
Castillo Family
Celeste Early
Chad Harris
Christine Zabala
Christopher Harris
Colle Conoley
Corrie and Cameron Burks
Cynthia Zaragoza
Dani Valentin
Danielle de Jesus
David Basok
David Ochoa
Deane Concillio-Lenz
Debbie and Chet Phillips
Deborah and Greg Magnuson
Deborah Fields
Diane Thornton
Dr. David and Erin Gwyn
Dustin Borrelli
Eduardo Ardiles
Elaine Burdick
Elan Stark
Emily Taber-Moore
Erica Kim
Evan and Hensi Jacobson
Fred and Cathy Furman
Gabrielle Scurlark
Gary Cunningham
Gerald Thermos
Gillian Segal Design
Giovanni Ripa
Gregory Savage
Herbert Lunblad
Imelda Martinez
Inge Scurlark
Jacob Nget
Jacqueline Henry
James Eleopoulos
Jane and Kevin Boylan
Jeanette Houser
Jeff Gorgen
Jeff Robbins
Jeremiah Lester
Jo Brocato
Joanne Wilson
Joe and Helen Partise
John and Liz Krummell
John Arens
Kalkus Foundation
Karina Franco
Kate Griffin
Kathryn and Doug Partis
Kathryn Atkins
Kathy Lear
Kelly Sutherlin McLeod and Steven McLeod
Kelly Zirbes
Kevin and Michelle Falsken
Khamille Poole
Kimberly and Hank Demmy
Konowiecki Family
Kristy Ferguson
Larry Milligan
LaShaun Baker
Leon Gazarian
Leslie and Scott Huntley
Linda Busch
Ling Chan and John Gatins
Lisa Meier
Lisa So
Lori Stark
Louise Helseth
Luciann and Tom Maulhardt
Lucy Johnson
Man Ng
Marcus Martinez
Maria and Tom Bussa
Marilyn and James Perona
Mark Gray
Marshall Cox
Marya Hughes
Matthew Thomas
Melanie Morris
Melony Snell-Botello
Michelle Habel
Montana Labelle Lifestyle
Mr. and Mrs. Roubanis
Mrs. Amy Terrell
Nancy Sugiyama
Natalie Martinez
Natalie, Jack and Corrina Chang
Nesi Stewart
Newin Briones
Nina Takesh
Norma and Albert Rivera
Norma Elvine-Lebrun
Pacific Concepts Group and George Cain
Pamela Sepulveda
Patrick Tompkins
Paul Mouradjian
Randy Gordon
Rene Marquez
Renny Staab
Richard and Anna Simitian
Richard Cipra
Richard Dorr
Richard Foster
Robert and Valerie Gwyn
Robert Elvine
Robert Thomas
Ronee Wells, CPA
Samantha Gallacher
Sandra and Phillip McElroy
Sandy Williams
Sara Le Clerc
Sharal Williams
Southland Credit Union
Stuart White
Susan Morales
Susan Ridgway
Suzanne Childress
Suzanne DeJong
Talea Magnuson
Tanya Doby
Tawanna Ross
The Cannings
The Chastains
The Guglielminos
The Madison Family
The Roth Family
Thomas Acosta
Thomas and Gina Cappannelli
Thomas Hayes Gallery
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Tuti Niknafs
Valerie Galvez
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Vickie Edwardson
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William Shelton