Parenting Classes

Parenting classes help families establish strategies for crisis-prevention or intervention. The classes also help develop a model of effective adult behavior for their maturing adolescent.

Our 12-week curriculum is offered in English and Spanish to any parent in the community and is approved by the Orange County Department of Probation and Orange County Social Services Agency. Sessions run all year long, and fees are offered on a sliding scale not to exceed $10 per session. Certificates of Completion are provided.

For teens ages 12-17, whose parents are attending classes, we offer a free Teen Drop-In Group at the same time. Teen Drop-In Group discussions are aligned with Parenting class topics.

For more information on parenting classes, contact Pamela Sepulveda, Community Outreach Director at (562) 742-3957 or via email at


Join us Mondays at the shelter from 7:00-8:30pm. Register in person. Walk-ins are welcome.


We offer a free Teen Drop-In Group Mondays from 7:00-8:30pm.


Session 1: Parenting Styles and Goals
Session 2: Developmental Life Stages
Session 3: Feelings and Coping Strategies
Session 4: Anger Management Skills
Session 5: Building Successful Communication Skills
Session 6: Setting Age Appropriate Limits
Session 7: Consequences and Encouragement vs. Punishment and Praise
Session 8: Family Roles, Boundaries, and Alliances
Session 9: Problem Solving Strategies and Family Appreciation
Session 10: Drugs, Alcohol, and Defiance
Session 11: Single Parenting and Blended Families
Session 12: Your Role in Your Child’s Education